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New classical tones       in unknown musical spaces. A reflection of time      .
A deep vibration in posterity.

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The mission

Lydenskab is an artist-led music collective based in Denmark that is continuously exploring the power of music and art. We are striving to be an impactful ensemble dedicated to creating a more compassionate and connected world through music. We aim to be an active component in society and our focus lies in community work, participation and inclusive co-creative artistic processes. Lydenskab has developed concepts and international projects for (inter)national venues and festivals (SPOT Festival, Tête à Tête Festival, Wundergrund Festival, Royal Theater in Copenhagen, KLANG Festival a.o.).


En Symfoni til Aarhus (2022)


The ensemble

The world around us is our starting point. People and society are the inspiration from which our productions arise. We receive and we give back. We do this by incorporating sustainability into all our creative processes and productions. By linking research to the transformative potential of classical music. And by co-creating and involving the audience in the processes.


The participation processes are in focus and topics such as communities, empowerment, democracy and influence, social inclusion, local development and cultural identity are investigated in joint research between citizens, researchers and artists. ​

Classical music has transformative potential. In collaboration with researchers, we investigate and develop methods to turn the traditional personal concert experience into a social commitment that affects both the individual and the community. (We investigate how live classical music can strengthen the audience's engagement and attachment to local cultural life.


Lydenskab performs on established stages such as Det Kongelige Teater and classical music festivals. But we also stand on the non-traditional stages. Transforms disused town halls, prisons, empty shops and temporary concert halls in collaboration with the city's cultural actors, artists and creative schools. Lydenskab has developed concepts and projects for, among others, SPOT Festival, Tête à Tête Festival, Wundergrund Festival, KLANG Festival and others.

Lydenskab is influence. Waves of sound and ambition. It is tones of resonating communities       the voice of meeting others and classical music in new dimensions.

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Resonating Communities

Since 2012, Lydenskab has specialised in creating engaging art projects through artistic co-creation. We have developed an anthropological approach to the work with citizen-involving music and art projects. The ensemble creates personal, site-specific performative works that reflect the connection between the person and the world, past and present, local communities, the personal stories and the shared narrative.


Lydenskab attaches research to our activities and examines the transformative potential of classical music. We develop methods to turn the traditional personal concert experience into a social engagement that affects both individuals and communities. Our mission is to crack the code regarding how live classical music can be produced in co-creative processes that strengthen the audience's commitment and connectedness to their local cultural life.


Relationships and diversity

The basis of Lydenskab's work is the symmetrical relationship with participants. We co-create equally and respectfully. The participant is an expert in his own life, and it is the participant's knowledge that we are curious about. Classical music supports dialogue and reflections through improvisation and virtuosic and atmospheric presentations of classical works. 

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Lydenskab listens to the cities, nature, inequalities, the young, the old, the busy and the thoughtful and creates new, experimental music and performing art concerned with the lives we live right now. Listening makes classical music an active component in society, while we, together with the people we involve, leave a mark on the society we live in. 


For many years, Lydenskab's primary idea of sustainability has centred around social work and citizen participation, and this is where our prime focus lies. Conversations about the global environmental catastrophe and personal choice initiated a process of self-examination in Lydenskab. A collective need arose in the ensemble to not only work artistically with the ethical dilemmas linked to the climate crisis, but also to change our way of producing performing art, so that we reduce our Co2 emissions, create awareness and develop new methods to face the future. 


It is important for us to ensure that the creative vision is realised sustainably - both environmentally and socially. In Lydenskab, we have therefore focused on incorporating a fundamentally sustainable and holistic way of thinking into our creative process. This means that we work innovatively and rethink the way we produce performances: We have to think long-term and consider which projects to engage with in a new way. We will have to look inward and constantly ask ourselves: Is there a better and more responsible way to do this?


We want to be part of the global green movement. We owe that to the next generations! Through action and change in our way of working, we wish to influence the music industry and help set new standards for how to work sustainably. 


Community is of the utmost importance as we cannot work wholeheartedly on sustainable change alone. We work transparently and collaborate with organisations and other players on the art scene, including the organisation Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU.



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Lydenskab has collaborated with a large number of artists. Among other:


Juliana Hodkinson, composer
Gerd Laugesen, author
Gorm Askjær, composer
Katie Mitchell, director
Ursula Andkjær Olsen, author
Kristina Holgersen, composer and singer
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, performance artist
Andrea Pellegrini, opera singer
Katinka Fogh Vindelev, opera singer
Bo Gunge, composer
Birgitte Alsted, composer
Sandra Boss, composer
Louise Alenius, composer

Ard Jongsma, photographer / film artist

Ulla Bendixenand Martin Døssing Ottosen, musicians
Rikke Frigast, director
Siff Vintersol, actor
Die Plambeck, author
Claus Handberg, author

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