A Climate Opera

A Lydenskab production and new one-act chamber opera from Laura Bowler, Katie Mitchell and Sam Redway - scored for 5 performers, live electronics and ensemble Lydenskab.

Would you like to help us write our opera? 


If you or someone you know would be interested in running a workshop for a group of 9 - 13 yr olds on processing feelings around the climate crisis, then please get in touch with Sofia at aclimateopera@gmail.com.


This opera will be informed by the global experience of young people, especially those on the frontline. We hope this piece will force audiences to confront the fundamental question of our times.This opera is an artistic appeal for hope. Hope that this piece can open hearts and minds to enact change.



- There is no cost 

- We provide the materials

- You deliver the workshop and collect some feedback 

- Workshop ideally should have taken place by the end of May 


If you would like some more information or want to chat to the team please get in touch at aclimateopera@gmail.com 


Feedback from our workshop trial in Aarhus International School in December. 


From a 12-year-old workshop participant:


  “This workshop was very helpful for me in order to understand and express my emotions and my concern for our common future on earth.” 

About this work

Cyclical dreams of fire and water, droughts and floods. Fighting to keep afloat in snaking, carnivorous rivers of ash. Leafless, bleeding trees eaten from the inside out plead for an end…

                                        Sam Redway, 2022


The dreams of children are infinite, precious and universal. This is our global story imagined through the despairing dreams of a young girl whose world is finite. This opera explores eco-anxiety through the perspectives of children all over the world gathered through workshops throughout 2022. It will challenge generations refusing to wrestle with the climate catastrophe. The typically visceral writing of Bowler combined with Redway’s sharp yet sensitive text could invite the audience, placed in the role of ‘parent’, not just to empathise with the child but to be enveloped in their nightmares. This opera will confront audiences with the fundamental question of our times.



“To refuse this task is to refuse to love because of the pain of the loss to come”

Bryant, A. (2019, August 25). What is Climate Grief? Climate & Mind. 


The deep-seated eco-anxiety and concern that many children and young people around the world feel about climate change and the future of their planet is the crux of this piece. Conversations about global environmental disaster and personal choices human beings individually make sparked a process of self examination within ensemble lydenskab. There was a need within the ensemble to work artistically with the ethical dilemmas associated with the climate crisis; including the choice to have children and the fears we have about the planet we will leave for future generations. 


These ethical questions have crystallised into an artistic framing of the climate catastrophe through the nightmares of a child in the form of contemporary music theatre. To place the story within this nightmarish dreamspace centres the generation that will be left to deal with the world we choose to leave them. 

This opera is an artistic appeal for hope. Hope that this piece can open hearts and minds to enact change.

Process and workshops

The text and music will be informed through global workshops with children aged 9-13 years. Workshops will be delivered physically and online from Europe to China, to Brazil and West Africa on the frontline of the climate catastrophe. Through creative techniques, play, imagination, composition and poetry, we will explore the universe of thoughts and dreams that children connect with the climate crisis. As a frequent workshop facilitator, ensemble lydenskab have extensive experience of working on inclusive processes, where the participants' creative work becomes the foundation material for the creative process.

Contact us for workshop material and more information.

Our sustainability and carbon footprint

Advocating for sustainability is a fundamental part of the creation process as is a holistic mindset and inclusive working practice throughout. By centering these kinds questions throughout the creation of the work: is there a better and more responsible way to do this, how do we ensure the longevity of this work, how do we enable learning and the anchoring of this piece so that it can create space for change, we hope to build a sound foundation for this piece. 


We aim to simultaneously raise awareness and reduce the climate footprint of our work. Through various initiatives woven into the creation process - including but not limited to: 

  • Measuring the CO2 footprint of the production

  • Committing to a ‘no fly tour’

  • Sustainability in design 


It is vital that this piece has a long life, the themes and message are too important not to be accessible to a wide range of international co-producers, artists and venues worldwide.