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Lydenskab      is the resonance of time. The sound of people. Ambitions       of change.

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Lydenskab is a classical ensemble built on a foundation of high artistic quality pushing the limits of what is expected. With the sensual voice of music, we give voice to contemporary condition.


During the past 10 years we have developed methods through our creative community projects, where we use classical music to create a culture of caring in our work with diverse groups of society.s that bear witness to the times we live in.

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In the project B.Longings, Lydenskab's contribution to Svalegangen's United Change Programme, we play out the generational gap between young teenagers and their mothers in Frydenlund. We examine longing, rebellion and sensory experience of the place they live, and they define their local culture while being active co-creators of it. ​

The project is based in research in method and artistic citizenship.

Facilitated by:
Lydenskab, composer Juliana Hodkinson and author / anthropologist Arendse Mogensen

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The concert is March 16, at 19.00 in Frydenlund Beboerhus

"Really thought through and well executed". 

... with words like "sound explosion, joy, fun, liberating, wonderful and infectious", Seismograf reviews our concert by Sandra Boss and Birgitte Alsted, and continues: "I love art that is not only competently well-tuned, but also opens up delightful social rooms." THANKS! ​

Read the full review of our concert "The One Behind the Score #2" in Seismograf here.


Lydenskab has been on fieldwork in the wild West Jutland. In collaboration with author Dy Plambeck, we have created text and music for some of the fantastic places we visited in the area. ​

The poetic audio walks are now available via our new website Whether you choose to experience the walks from home or listen to them in nature we guarantee a sensual nature experience.


The audio walk at Stubber Kloster connects the past and the present in a sensual universe of women's lives. In the Middle Ages, the convent was a nunnery of the Benedictine Order located on a small peninsula on the shore of Stubbergård Sø. The remains of the convent building are just a small part of an originally larger and four-winged facility. To get to the ruins of Stubber Kloster, you have to go on a short hike through a beautiful, hilly stretch of heath down towards Stubbergård Sø.


Text: Dy Plambeck 

Music: Hildegard von Bingen and Lydenskab (Louise Gorm / violin, Sofia Lind Pedersen / cello, Thea Vesti Pedersen / guitar, Mads Uldall / double bass) 

Sound Editing: Mads Uldall 

Video: Ard Jongsma / Still Words.


Current productions

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An ambitious and thought-provoking cli-fi opera about climate change in collaboration with progressive composer Laura Bowler and award-winning writer and playwright Sam Redway. Climate fiction (cli-fi)'s greatest strength is that it gives us the opportunity to move in time and create new ways in which we can sense, live and relate to the world and each other. ​ 

Lydenskab is tone setting musical experiences     . A sensual opinionated voice. Who listens to people       
and involves its audience.

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The Ensemble

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Thea Vesti Pedersen

Louise Gorm

Sofia Lind Pedersen

Karolina Leedo

Laura Bowler

Carola Schaal

Henriette Jensen

Mads Uldall

Maria Esphai

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