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Lydenskab seeks partnerships with business organisations, housing associations, foundations and institutions that work with local cultural development.

Based on transversal local and global collaboration and co-creation, Lydenskab works with a number of partners to, through art, address and solve current societal challenges that relate to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Less Inequality, health and well-being, sustainable cities and local communities, and climate action. ​ 


We believe that the future depends on equal partnerships as well as larger inclusive communities. Partnerships enable us to build the capacity to interconnect locally, nationally and globally. 


When we form partnerships at a local level, we connect municipalities, housing associations, foundations, organisations and other actors who want to work with positive development and involvement of citizens in local communities. We also want to enter into equal collaborations with patients and employees in psychiatry, in correctional facilities and in the field of children and young people, and we wish to attach research to method development and to each individual project.


It is important to Lydenskab that we share the values that are represented through the ensemble's work: We think holistically, think sustainably, and act responsibly towards people and the environment, and we believe in music as a debater and opinion creator. 


We expect our partners to enter into a partnership based on openness, trust and transparency.


Lydenskab’s collaborators 2023/24:

Aalborg Opera Festival

Copenhagen Opera Festival

Bæredygtig Scenekunst

AUT Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere

Hatch Ideas/Five Cowries (UK/NG)

Opera på Grænsen


Regionspsykiatrien Randers

Frydenlund Fælleshus

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