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Current Productions

Climate Opera

The Girl With a Hurricane Brain

An ambitious and thought-provoking cli-fi opera about climate change in collaboration with progressive composer Laura Bowler and award-winning writer and playwright Sam Redway. Climate fiction (cli-fi)'s greatest strength is that it gives us the opportunity to move in time and create new ways in which we can sense, live and relate to the world and each other.

The Girl with a Hurricane Brain is created on the basis of global workshops with children aged 9-13. Through creative techniques, play, imagination, composition and poetry, together with children from Denmark, India, Nigeria and Germany - both physically and online - we have explored universes of thought and dreams that connect to climate change.

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Creative team & performers

Composer: Laura Bowler 

Libretto: Sam Redway 

Director: Katie Mitchell 

Ensemble: Lydenskab 

Singers: TBA 

Scenographer: Laura Rathschau 

Assistant Director: Anna Sofie Keller

She the river     

She the breeze

She the       blue sky

And the Earth

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An artistic look at Sustainable Development Goal 10: Less inequality 

In the artistic project B.Longings, classical music becomes a new meeting place between young people and their parents. The actors play into the generational gap and examine longing, rebellion and sensory experience of the place they live. 


B.Longings is influence. Waves of sound and ambition. These are tones of freedom, (in)equality and community. The voice of the meeting between generations and classical music in new dimensions. 


"Everyone has the right to participate freely in society's cultural life, to enjoy the arts [...]" 

UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27, 1948 


B.Longings is a tone-setting work with new narratives that builds a dialogue about how we collectively solve the challenges we face across generations, social and cultural divides. The project creates a platform for the meeting between generations, in a dialogue driven by compassion and connectedness.

"To reduce inequality also means to understand and give voice to various layers of society."




Composers: Juliana Hodkinson and Lydenskab 

Anthropologist and poet Arendse Reeh 

The world's best residents associated with Frydenlund Fælleshus ​

The one Behindt he Score

The One Behind the Score

Lydenskab gives voice to women. For a number of years, we have focused on female composers. In the concert series, both older music and newly written music from a variety of genres such as film music, folk music and new classical music is presented. This concert series presents a strong lineup of some of the most interesting contemporary composers. Among others, we draw attention to Outi Tarkiainen (FI), Birgitte Alsted (DK), Karin Rehnquist (SE) and Sandra Boss (DK).


"The greatest encouragement comes from the ensemble Lydenskab. Here, works written by women make up 35.1% of their repertoire, new music makes up 95% and premieres make up 21.5%."

Danish Composers’ Association repertoire statistics 2021

Poetiske Lydvandringer

Poetic Audio Walks 

The Danish nature unfolds through poetry and tones when Lydenskab, together with various authors, dives into the unknown universe that hides in the landscape. Poetic Audio Walks examines the connection between nature, cultural history, living sounds, moods and poetry. ​ 


Join us on a sensuous journey into nature with evocative musical interpretations and poetic narratives that convey the values and experiences of the Danish landscape and cultural history.


One      body,

lift it up

in your hands

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Audio Walk from Toftum Bjerge 

Open expanses, characteristic cliffs, salt meadows and high hills that drop directly towards the coasts. At Toftum Bjerge, waves and currents are constantly gnawing at the cliffs. Here lies a goldmine of stories about ice ages a hundred thousand years ago.

Text: Dy Plambeck 

Music: Lydenskab (violin/vocals: Louise Gorm, cello: Sofia Lind Pedersen, guitar: Thea Vesti Pedersen, bass: Mads Uldall) 

Video: Ard Jongsma

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Se alle


I am here

Based on sensuous and shared experiences of nature, we steer away from diagnosis/stigmatisation and start from the individual. In collaboration with Psychiatric Hospital Randers, Lydenskab creates artistic co-creation with hospitalised patients. Small poetic musical works are created in dialogue with the participants. Lead physician Anders Lindehof is attached to the project, which examines the effects on the participants. ​ 


The project is supported by Region Midt.

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Co-creation       empowerment, poetry, classical music     composition, vulnerable psychiatric patients       psychiatry participation, method development

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Ø is a sensuous, classical concert performance about the special and sometimes complex bond between grandchildren and grandparents, about the course of nature and the poetry of everyday life.

Hush      hear the song of the dead 

these little concerts keeps the beat all night long     

beats from our hearts

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Stemmer i voks

Ø is also about the beauty and melancholy of getting older and invites conversations about death, love and nature across generations. Ø is for all ages, but is especially intended for grandparents and grandchildren for a shared experience with whimsical Danish poetry, classical music and lots of physical play and comedy. 


On stage, four classical musicians encircle actor Siff Vintersol, known for her part in the popular theatre concert C.V. Jørgensen. ​ 


The lyrics for the performance are written by Stine Pilgaard, who also contributed to the script. Pilgaard has most recently published the critically acclaimed and award-winning Danish novel Meter i Sekundet.

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Creative team & Performers

Siff Vintersol and Lydenskab: Louise Gorm / violin, Thea Vesti / guitar, Mads Uldall / bass and Sofia Lind Pedersen / cello 

Director: Rikke Frigast 

Playwright: Michelle Sondrup 

Lyrics/author: Stine Pilgaard 

Composer: Kristina Holgersen and Lydenskab



The opera Franciska is a tribute to artist Franciska Clausen and her significance to the international modern art scene. We pay tribute to her courage, uncompromisingness, experimentation, aesthetic sharpness and her search for technical perfection, as well as the diverse artistic expressions it resulted in. We send the story of her and her art out into the world in an operatic format that works in both art museums, galleries, theatres and concert stages. 


Composer: Bo Gunge 

Librettist: Gerd LaugeseAnna Sofie Kellern 

Ensemble: Lydenskab 

Artistic Development: Thea Vesti (Lydenskab)

Director:  Anna Sofie Keller

and scenographer (NN) 

Producer: Opera på Grænsen ​


Premiere 2024 TBA

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